The First Blog Post

Dear Readers,

I’m not a blogger and I’m still unsure what I should write here, but it would be rude of me not to at least say hello. My debut novel has been out for three weeks. Perhaps you’ve read it and decided to find me on the internet. Perhaps you saw an advertisement for my book on the train. Perhaps you’re on the train now, and decided to look me up. Any one of these reasons is enough to compel me to fill this space. It’s long overdue.

But I’m not one to write nonsense. As I meet more of you, and I hope to in the future, I’ll gain an appreciation for what you’d like to know about me and what you’d like to read here. Some of you might like to hear what I did to get to this place. Some might want to hear how I got published. Some might want to hear my thoughts on writing a good thriller. Others might just like to talk about my book, and politely ask when there will be another.

I can write about all of those things, if you like.

And I will.

For now, I’d like to welcome you to this place. Make yourself comfortable. My name is Graham Potts and I’m a mechanic who wanted to write thriller novels. Here I am, writing thriller novels. My debut novel is No Free Man, and it will be the first of many in a series. I write around my full-time job, which can make things complicated sometimes. Time becomes precious. So does sleep. But I promise to make time for people who want to chat. Writing thriller novels is one thing, but I can’t be an author if I don’t have readers, so I will always make time for readers.

You can join me on Facebook or Goodreads too, but feel free to stop by here once in a while. As I get the hang of it, I’ll make sure I write some posts chock full of good stuff for you to read. In the meantime, thank you for stopping by and I hope to talk again soon.